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Dune sledding

I haven’t said much about our summer holiday this year.

Admittedly I’ve been a bit off the radar for a lot of things. If you’re not related to me and follow the blog at all, we went to New Mexico this year for our yearly big holiday. I suppose someday I’ll catch up and share with everyone how wonderful our time was in New Mexico. Seriously, we had a fabulous time. It was Paul’s first real American road trip which didn’t include a  family visit (we DO love you guys, but you don’t need to be at the center of ALL our holidays!) and it was a first for me as well – I had never been to that part of the country. We thoroughly enjoyed it, and as with all of our good holidays we think we should revisit at some point. There are just too many wonderful things in this world. Anyway, while we were in New Mexico, we visited the White Sands area. Paul was only really aware of the missile connection with White Sands and because of this, wanted to drive by. Being indulgent to my foreign husband (aren’t I always!) I of course said, “Missiles? Really? Are you sure you want to go there?” But of course we wanted to visit White Sands. Not only is it a national monument, but it has some of the prettiest scenery I’ve seen in a long time. Besides, where else can you sled down pristine white sand dunes in the blinding sun?


I wouldn’t miss it for the world! I totally think the best bit is Paul’s cackle at the end – he’s clearly delighted with himself!

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My Wheels for a Week (or two)

Sometimes I forget how nice it is to drive over here. I avoid driving in the UK like the plague, but when I arrive Stateside I jump right in and go. Normally Paul and I don’t rent cars while we’re in the States, unless we have plans to travel. But, this time I rented a car for while I’m home with my mom and the boys are off on their trip. Mom and I are headed off to Ohio soon to visit the one of the largest communities of Amish in the world. I trust this Dodge Caliber will get us there safe and sound.

Dodge Caliber

This is actually quite a reasonable car to drive. I’m loving it. it’s hard to believe that Paul and I saw one of these in our local mall the last weekend we were in the UK and exclaimed how huge it was. Somehow it doesn’t seem that big at all when I look at it from this angle!

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